28 December 2008: Happy Holidays!

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Posted by: erin
Dad has another entry brewing, but wanted someone else to post something to the blog for a change, so here I am. I've made some little changes, like displaying years on the archive page, as this blog will soon be entering its third (!) calendar year as the _second_ anniversary of "the incident" approaches. Time sure flies these days...

I'm not sure that Dad has found a name yet for his leg -- I personally favor either something silly (like 'gimpy'), something from Harry Potter (like 'Alastor' or 'Moody', for the character that sported a peg leg), or something short (like 'Bob'). But what do I know about names: I look like I swallowed a basketball, am due really at any time now (37 weeks approaching), and haven't figured out the whole name thing yet...

Edit: I originally confused Dad by talking about the third anniversary... I know what I meant. See the comments.

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mike wrote:

Thanks Erin - it is so nice to open the blog and read something not writen by me. We are aproaching "three years" from what event? Am I forgetting something really important?
-- 29 December 2008 12:32:13

erin wrote:

No, you aren't. The constant kicks from my uterus are causing bad math... ink

Coming soon will be the third March to appear in this blog, even though it will only be the two year anniversary... azz
-- 29 December 2008 19:40:06

noel wrote:

(sing to the tune of nanny nanny boo boo) the baby made erin mess up on maaaath, the baby made erin messup on maaaaath!
-- 08 January 2009 22:33:16

erin wrote:

-- 08 January 2009 23:44:21
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