24 January 2011: 2010 Summary

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Where does the time go? It's January 2011 and there's been no updates in 2010 at all. So here it is in a nutshell.

Mike and I retired to Hess Lake, MI in April 2010. There was a whirlwind of activities for the first few months—many needed repairs and upgrades to the house and settling in, a new Subaru for Mike when the old one gave up the ghost, and a makeover for the yard.

In June and July Mike took advantage during the yard construction to build a deck that turned out beautifully. His stump took quite a beating and a wound appeared that didn't seem to want to heal. August 15th was the last day he would wear his prosthetic for the rest of the year.

After a quick trip to Cleveland to have Dr. McDonald look at the wound, we returned home and began the series of appointments with Spectrum Wound Care Clinic, Dr. Bukrey (surgeon) and the many specialists of Mary Free Bed Clinic—all in Grand Rapids.

The final diagnosis was a huge bone spur on the end of the femur. Dr. Bukrey successfully removed the 1st spur on October 7, 2010. There was some concern about infection around the end of the femur, how the graft skin would heal and whether they might have to remove some of the femur to have enough tissue to work with. All turned out well—no infection was present, the spur removed and Mike healed quickly and very well.

By late December, Mike was beginning the process of fitting a new prosthetic. Progress has been rapid so far, so he might be off the crutches, out of the wheelchair and walking by sometime in February 2011. He's been very fortunate to find very capable professionals in Grand Rapids after leaving behind those he trusted in Cincinnati and Cleveland.

We're looking forward to a much quieter year in '11, hopefully with no new health issues and most of the labor-intensive home improvements behind us. We both love life here on the lake and are going to enjoy it to the fullest. And with a little prodding, maybe Mike will make an entry on this blog soon too.



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