26 March 2007: I don't want to go home..

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Posted by: erin
So, it's Monday, and I (Erin) have a plane ticket home this afternoon that I really don't want to take.

Anyway, Aunt Marsha and Ruthie and I descended on the Burn unit this morning to try to catch the surgeon. Aunt Ruth and Jenny were already there, sitting around with dad listening to Harry Potter. The nurses were picky again about how many were in the room, so Aunt Ruth and Jenny left, and Aunt Marsha came back in, and sat down behind the curtain thing so it wasn't so obvious that there were three people in the room.


We had a good conversation with the nurse about skin grafting, what usually happens, where the donor sites are from, etc. She also handed us a nice diagram showing how much of his leg is skinless - the nature of the injury to the upper part of his leg and hip has always been confusing. Think Pictionary. In reverse.

Yellow area does not have skin
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