27 March 2007: We meet the Doctor

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Posted by: marsha
Marsha (me) and GiGi went for a visit around 12:00pm specifically to catch up with Ruthie and meet Dr. McDonald (Trauma Surgeon). After waiting a couple of hours, we decided the Dr. must have been called away. So--we left... only after leaving the parking garage, we recieved a "Ruthie" call to ask if we could come back as the Dr. arrived. We had an informative conversation as we learned the grafting (in it's entirety) would take place on Wednesday. This was good news in that this is happening a couple of days ahead of schedule. The down side was Mike's anticipation of pain that would follow retrieval of his skin from donor sites (his back for sure and maybe his side and right thigh). The Dr. was impressive and we all felt confident Mike is in good hands. After fielding questions from Mike related to "when will I be walking?", she assured us that in good time (after about 4 months of healing) everything will come together and she mentioned that after knowing Mike for one week, she is anticipating that Mike will be one of those patients that offer her "inspiration" as time goes on.

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