29 March 2007: Long distance update

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Posted by: erin
Ruth says she'll write her stuff down one of these days. So here is the email I'm sure most of you saw...
Well, I'm back in New York, so I can only tell you so much. He went through a very long stint in the OR yesterday so they could graft skin over his exposed left thigh. (Apparently, he had more left thigh than they expected). The procedure went well, Ruth has copious notes that I'm itching to read. She even snapped some pictures of the vacuum bandage he's currently wearing - I don't know that I'll get back to Cleveland before it comes off, and I want to see what something called a "vacuum bandage" looks like. I am sure my excitement about seeing this thing is due to an overactive imagination.
More about the grafting here and here.

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ruthie wrote:

Except, you are soooo very thourough, that I don't need to add anything!!! I just tell you and "poof" it appears. If you weren't so computer savvy I would swear it was magic!
-- 03 April 2007 22:34:36
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