29 March 2007: Mailing address

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Posted by: erin
revised 05 November 2007

Dad is officially on his own again, out into the big wide world as the wonderful one-legged wonder we all know he is.

The cards, the phone calls, the emails.. as you can tell from reading this blog, they all meant so much to him. It really is hard to appreciate those kinds of things until you're at the receiving end of this kind of catastrophe.

Contact Dad using his email address or cell # (if you have those), otherwise, please leave a message in the guestbook!

Thanks. ink

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David and Maria wrote:


We have sent a couple cards and had them returned in the mail. I checked the mailing address and it is correct!! Any ideas?

Hi Mike-

We are "Mike-e-ism" for you! Do you remember that conversation at 3 AM at the lake????
-- 14 April 2007 17:18:19

erin wrote:

Ruth tells me some others have had that happen as well, which is strange, since many that have been addressed to the same place have been received successfully.

MetroHealth Medical Center, MetroHealth Medical Systems, etc. all seem to work (the book from the burn unit had Medical Systems, but I see Medical Center around, too).
-- 15 April 2007 00:17:21
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