03 April 2007: Change of Plans

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Posted by: marsha
When Marsha and GiGi visited on Monday, the expectaton was that the dressing were going to be changed.....surprise..we wait one more day. so, the visit was great, Mike was comfortable as long as he was lying still. The vacuum dressing is an amazing piece of equipment and it seems to be keeping the graft drainage trickiling into a bottle rather than lying on the wound.

Mr. Diczikowski (sorry if I bombed on the spelling, Trish) popped in on Mike Monday evening and they had a trip down memory lane as Mr. D. shared his recollections of Mike's Dad....and noted the similarities.

One of the OT's stopped in to remind Mike the importance of keeping all of muscles and joints moving. AT this time, they are just briefing Mike on things to come when he is mediclly cleared to rehab "full speed ahead".

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Ruthie wrote:

I spoke to Dad this evening and he mentioned that his dressing was changed today (Tues 4/3) and he went from 96% to 95% coverage with his graft. They think this was because they opted to keep the last bandage on for an extra day. They think the vac is still helping the skin fill in and heal so they put on another vac bandage, but they will change it sooner (Thurs) to prevent any further loss.
-- 03 April 2007 21:29:33
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