03 April 2007: Do we look forward to "Itching"?

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Posted by: marsha
When Marsha and Mom visited today, we arrived right after Mike was medicated to be re-positioned. In about 30 minutes, we were back with him and he wasn't too foggy, so we were able to talk a little. We learned that the graft sites look great, but the take is at 95% with a chance that he may need some minor additional grafting at a later date. This Doctor appears to be quite a perfectionist and is looking for a great outcome. Other than the pain at the donor sites, Mike seems enthusiastic as he hears the staff rave about how well he's healing and what a great attitude he has. The next phase of healing will substitute the pain at the donor sites with itching (a sign of healing). This is where the Aloe Lotion and Benadryl will come to the rescue....we're getting up to speed on how to apply that lotion most effectively.

An OT (Nikki) came in today to have Mike demonstrate his arm and leg strength. His range of motion remains quite good. As impatient as Mike is, he fully understands that it takes time to successfully heal the grafts and he seems pretty willing to sacrifice his impatience for a successful graft. Nikki was able to convince him that the moment he is medically ready, OT will be right their to get started on a move toward independence.

Erin is scheduled to return to Cleveland on Thursday. She will be a welcome sight and she will begin assisting with any of the communication needed to get Mike enrolled in Metro's amputee rehab program (I hear it is second to none).

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