03 April 2007: Thanks To All

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During my last visit with Mike (Friday) he asked me to draft a "Thank You" to all of you (family, friends and co-workers alike) that have been so expressive in your support.

It has been a little over 3 weeks since his accident occured and much of that time has been spent in and out of sedation and between various surgical procedures. Much of the first week was spent in the transition from trauma to wound management. He only had one surgical produre to clean up the amputaion of his left leg, however he was put under several times over the next several days for the debridement. He was transfered to Metro in Cleveland, OH on Tues, 3/20. This week was spent primarily on wound management and monitoring the muscle tissue in preparation for the skin grafting procedure. The skin graft was done the following Wed, 3/28. So far the donor sites are still really sore, but the graft is taking very well (95% as of today, 4/3).

Message from Mike:

"I am sorry that I can not respond to everyone, but I do really appreciate all the cards, visitors and the support. It is all very helpful."

He mentioned at one point that he is essentially having a burial for his leg, so he is getting a chance to see who will come to his funeral and is both flattered and inspired. He thinks of those in Greneda often and hopes everyone, and most especially Benny, is doing well. [And we do too!!!]

Added Request:

In addition, Dad has recieved somewhere around 12 units of blood. For those who are able and willing to do so, Dad has asked that people donate blood in lieu of sending gifts (balloons, flowers, etc).

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