08 April 2007: SNOW!

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Posted by: erin
It was a pretty quiet day here in Cleveland. Maybe it was all the snow.

He did sit in the chair for a little over an hour this morning, and he arranged to change his pain meds - he didn't like how screwed up he was (and for how long) after the 6 percocets he had for the bandage change on Thursday. He was up all night Thursday night, and said he felt pretty weird most of the day on Friday. The upside: he slept like a baby last night. He called me at some ungodly hour in the morning to tell me so.

Tom and Bessie made the haul to Cleveland in spite of the nasty weather. They had a long visit; Dad was pretty tuckered out after all that talking, but was thrilled to see them. On her way out, Bessie mentioned what I've always thought to be true: you feel better about this whole thing after you've seen him.

He spent the rest of the day comfortably (if a little sideways in the bed at first)--I was with him for most of it. I went in around noon to give the crews some time with the roads (and spend some time with GiGi, too!), and drove home in the blinding snow with no real clue where the lane lines were.

Everything is lined up for him to start the PT program (the orders are written, etc), all we're waiting for now is a bed on the PT floor. The word is that will happen on Monday. He mentioned that when they were getting him back into bed this morning (no PT, so the nurses helped him rather than making him do the whole standing thing himself), he was able to help them adjust the pad by arching his back: he could get his whole middle off the bed using his shoulders and his right leg. Good stuff.

It also came up in conversation that Dad should find a shoe buddy--someone with whom he can share the other half of his shoes.

Bessie - I'm sure you have more to add.. ink comment away.

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Bessie Cox wrote:

It was really great to see Mike. He looks good and has such a positive attitude. He went on and on about all the cards and support he has received from everyone. That has really got him thru this. We hope to visit again in a couple of weeks. He still gets really tired but I'm sure that will improve as time goes on.
-- 09 April 2007 09:59:31
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