09 April 2007: Easter Visit

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Posted by: ruthie
Between some weekend classes I've been taking and the "white Easter" weather phenomenon, I (ruthie) got to sneak in for a short visit yesterday (Sunday). Dad looked great! He didn't seem as tired as when I saw him last and looked reasonably comfortable, even though his donor sites are progressing to the "itchy" stage. Which, btw, is a very good sign that the skin is healing, and despite how annoying the itchy feeling is, Dad is simply delighted! We got to chat about our speculations for the upcoming Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows coming out this July and just sit and enjoy each other's company. We also talked a little about starting his physical therapy. He is both anxious and so very ready. I am hoping that his fears (like most) are mostly about the unkown, and he'll feel less anxious once he is in the program and knows what to expect. I am looking forward for the update to see how his day went today (hint, hint)!!!

Well Dad, I'm thinking of you and I can't tell how grateful I am that you have gotten this far. Keep on truckin', Old Man, and you'll get there!

I almost forgot! Dad told me about his coolest "phantom sensation" yet. His leg was shivering! He said that he could feel it shiver from his hip all the way down to his foot. He looked at his stump to see if it was shivering, which it wasn't. So he closed his eyes to see if he could find the anomalies between the phantom sensation and his real leg...nope...pat pat pat...and it stopped. How fascinating...

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