09 April 2007: New Diggs

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Posted by: erin
Dad moved today from the 11th floor to the 7th. This room feels a little smaller, and he has another roommate, but (at least in theory) he'll be working towards not having to be in it very much.

He and I frittered away most of the morning waiting to move, and then were both briefly engulfed by the flurry of activity that crops up any time you move around in a hospital. The nurses on the 11th floor sang "So long, farewell" from the Sound of Music as his bed was wheeled off towards the elevators - that was pretty funny, especially when they got to the high note.. "See? that's why I'm a nurse!"

We spent a good deal of time talking to the doctors on the new floor, trying to reconcile the rules for wound recovery to the rules for rehab. I'm quite sure a lot more will be clear after Dad's big bandage change tomorrow. The bandages he has now are getting pretty old, and for the record, they stink (as in, the air around him smells like the elephant house at the zoo). The question tomorrow will be whether or not the vacuum/suction bandage has to go back on, or if it has to cover as much area, or..

Gramma and Aunt Marsha and I headed back over to see him at around 7 (I left around 5), and he seemed pretty pooped, but otherwise ok. This new bed has one of those trapeze hanger/handle things over it -- and Dad just LOVES it. He said he could lift his whole middle off the bed (between the trapeze thing and his right leg) when they were changing the bedding. "Super way easy." He made some mutterings about how much easier the last week and some would have been if he'd had this trapeze thing all along.

New Rehab doctors: Dr. Mejia, and Dr. Fox (who may be a resident, I'll have to check).

Oh, and as I just found that cool directory thing, here's the 'fo on Dr. McDonald, too. I didn't realize she was a professor at Case! Man, some really smart people come from that school. azz

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erin wrote:

Don't know why, but I didn't feel like sticking this up with the other stuff. So, Dr. Fox's first name is Kermit. Yes, Kermit. He came up to the bedside (I was directly next to him towards the head of the bed), and Dad said, "Hi, I'm Mike", and Dr. Fox says, "Hi, I'm Kermit". For a second, I thought he was mocking my Dad: here he is introducing himself, and this guy is cracking jokes about muppets. I was about ready to snap something back, like "And I'm Miss Piggy", when I realized a) that he was serious--his first name really is Kermit, and b) that I was taking things a little too seriously.

-- 09 April 2007 23:08:55

Jenny wrote:

Erin -

My biggest fear was Tyler bursting into a fit of laughter when the Dr. introduce himself.

"Kermit? He's a green muppet...not a Dr. with an oversized white coat taking care of Uncle Mike."
-- 10 April 2007 01:32:00

ruthie wrote:

Jenny - Tyler went to visit Dad with you?!? How great! How did it go? Did he ask any really funny questions?
-- 10 April 2007 08:41:55

noel wrote:

i haven't read this in a few days but WOW! that is awesome how fast everything is going! yay mr mike! i am sure it feels like a million years to be in the bed waiting to heal but this is really astounding. yes, rin, many of the docs at the 'Tro are cwru affiliated, i.e. david rosenbaum taking ben's lab there....kermit huh? ben's parents have a pal named kemit in c-town too, but he is a lawyer type. it snowed in MD on easter too!
-- 10 April 2007 14:09:37

Jenny wrote:

Ruth - Tyler has been to see your dad twice now. He did have a lot of questions... will he be able to drive? run? swim? Can he go to Hatteras? Both visits were short, but he handled it well.
-- 11 April 2007 13:03:07
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