16 April 2007: Rehab is a lot of work!!

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Posted by: marsha
When I arrived on Monday (late morning), I found Mike nearing the end of his OT session. He was using his arms with the weights strapped on. Seemed pretty effortless from what I could see. Then the therapist brought him some puzzles to put together---that was also a piece of cake. We were able then to go back to his room where he had lunch and we chatted for quite a while. This was actually my first visit solo. I enjoyed the next hour as Mike was sharing a lot of what he has learned about his daughters, his siblings and his Mom through the course of this experience. His philosophy, however, sometimes transcends my brain power, so I just listen to try to get a better understanding of his inner workings.

It seems that his medical progress has been remarkable and his psychologist is quite impressed with his coping skills. This all could translate to an earlier than anticipated discharge as the next step will be Out-Patient rehab...

Keep up the good work, Mike! Love ya much!

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