17 April 2007: A surprise in-service..

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Posted by: marsha
I returned to Metro with GiGi for a visit and we found him in PT working on his flexibility skills. When we arrived, the therapist let Mike demonstrate his exercises. He has excellent range of motion which makes this whole process a lot easier. The therapist decided that while I was there, she could have me demonstrate for her some skills needed for his care at home..we used to call those "pop" quizes. Anyway, I learned how to collapse the wheelchair for transportation, how to inflate the "tooshie cooshie" and test for the right air pressure, how and where to walk with Mike as he masters the walker and last, but not least--we went to a car simulator and he practiced getting in and out of the passenger side of the car. That is in preparation for his ride home...how exciting!! After that adventure, I had to demonstrate how I can maneuver the W/C (with Mike in it!) up and down a curb. I guess I passed because I only had to do it once.

I did not expect to be part of the workout for the day, but it worked out quite well. GiGi and I left (I was tired), but Mike was just heading into his last hour of therapy for the day--weight lifting. My guess--he will sleep well tonight!!

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erin wrote:

Go Aunt Marsha!

I saw another family practicing with that wheelchair over the curb thing... and I've seen pictures of the car setup they have on their website:


Not sure if that's the exact car setup that you visited, though.
-- 18 April 2007 11:30:55

ruthk wrote:

Good job, Marsha..!!!
All right, Mike...!!!
Keep up the hard work...!!!
Seeing/hearing about you progressing soo well, it's hard not to jump ahead and imagine all the things you're going to be doing....
I keep thinking you're going to be ready for the trail before me...!!!
It is as it was before...
you can do/you can make happen
anything you want to.
Wish I could be there...
-- 18 April 2007 14:42:33

Courtney wrote:

How exciting!
I really needed the good news.
Anthony gives you a big "clap clap" as well.
-- 19 April 2007 12:29:05
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