17 April 2007: Field trip with Makenna and Maecy

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Posted by: marsha
This morning Becky and I decided to take Makenna and Maecy to see Uncle Mike..after all they have been making him cards and pictures for weeks. After a small delay while Mike was getting his dressings adjusted, we were able to spend a little time with him. Makenna brought a few more of her drawings and proudly explained what they were. She is generally a little shy, but with time, was talking and laughing. Maecy had no problem talking to Uncle Mike. She felt a need to share her snack (chips) with him and needed her water cup placed on his bedside table. The little ones get restless quickly so the visit was not long, but I hope Mike enjoyed them.

Mike showed me a piece of paper that was sitting on the table and it actually had an "estimated" date of discharge...that date was April 28th!@#%$#!@ I do however realize that estimates can be adjusted, but how great would that be.....of course, out-patient therapy is still needed before he can set his sights on Cincinnati. While Mike is in OP therapy, he will be staying at GiGis...we will get him to and from his PT/OT sessions and then be able to accommodate more visitors.

Mike did say that he still has to get the grafting "touch-up" and he thinks that could happen as early as next week. The area that needs attention is small so the procedure and recovery should be quick and the pain more tolerable.

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