21 April 2007: A better understanding of "tunnelling"

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Posted by: marsha
Michelle, the nurse that raised the queston of "tunnelling" of Mike's wound, was back on duty tonight, so she was able to show the resident what she was talking about. There does appear to be a couple of areas along the upper edge of the graft, where the graft meets his existing skin, that seem to be deeper than the rest. The team will check it out tomorrow, but as long as everyone is aware of the problem and place the dressing a little deeper, it will eventually close and heal just fine. I'm sure there will be a team conference to strategize the best way to handle it. The resident didn't feel it would impact the discharge date at all. I was glad to see Bonnie G. for a few minutes. She's holding down the fort in Cinci...we're all hoping she feels better soon!

Mike's shower and dressing change went very well and a little quicker than last night..I'm guessing that improvements will come with practice. He completed all of this without morphine, so it looks like that drug won't be needed...he hated the cotton mouth and the "morphine room" anyway so this should make him happy.

The nurses have been great--each night we are gifted with things to take home, just in case we needed them...today, I have a pair of bandage scissors, gauze wraps and some elastic bandages...I'm sure we'll get supplies, but if they're late, we're covered!

Good night all!!

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