21 April 2007: Lotsa Laughs!!

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Posted by: bonnieh
Bonnie H posting! My husband Jim and I visited Mike this afternoon with our oldest son Seth and his fiancee Brittany, since they are in town for a couple days and specifically requested a visit with Mike. It was great to see Bonnie G at Mike's side. I took a cell phone photo of the two of them (of course!) and will see if I can get it posted.

Mike was in real good spirits and had some really nice belly laughs as we entertained Bonnie and Brittany with tales of some of the Howard/Haaser/Kennedy family antics over the years. I think we entertained them, maybe we were just entertaining ourselves!! (Erin and Ruthie....remember the "apple cider vinegar" at Hatteras ????)

Anyways, Bonnie G was very gracious to share some of her precious time with her guy. And she looks good and I hope she knows that we are all pulling for her, as we are for Michael.

I read Steve Zetts' "confession" about the Raquel poster and made Michael guess which nephew sent the poster and he immediately guessed "Steve Zetts!!" What fun.

Looking forward to visits at Valley View, and I'll see ya Thursday, Mike!!

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noel wrote:

HOLY CRAP!! home already?!?! that is AWESOME.....what an amazing job you are all doing out there.....the Haasers RULE.
-- 21 April 2007 20:44:34
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