21 April 2007: Brief phone call

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Posted by: erin
Spoke to Dad for a little bit this morning-- Bonnie G arrived for her long-awaited visit, so he kicked me off the phone. ink

He did go to PT this morning, and did his exercises with NO MORPHINE. His exercise today: push-ups on one knee. He said it was the first time his head has been below his butt, and that the blood rush was a lot to deal with. From a PT perspective, it looks like they're most concerned about the hip flexors tightening up, which would restrict full range of motion for walking with a prosthetic leg. Aunt Marsha said he was amazingly stable on the walker now, and is tackling a few 6-inch stairs.

He is eager and ready to go home to GiGi's house, especially as the room waiting for him will be tripped out with a hospital-style bed complete with trapeze bar! woo-hoo!

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