20 April 2007: More In-service

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Posted by: marsha
Phyllis and I spent a couple of hours with Mike's nurse to learn more about the shower and dressing application process. It was a little intense, but she let us do about 25% of the job... I think we've got it! We plan to tackle the shower and dressings together for a while, then we will be able to cover for each other.. We're planning to add Connie (Mike's neice) to the list of subs as well. Reinhold (Connie's husband) has also been helping with Mike's foot care as needed. We also have Laura (Mike's niece and Goddaughter) who will respond as needed for assistance with care..her expertise is Neonatal ICU, so she will have to get used to working with an adult.

It looks like Mike is scheduled for discharge on Wednesday at 10:00 am, that will probably translate to 4:00pm hospital time. The Social Workers and the Visiting Nurse coordinator met with all of us to outline the plan for "home care"... It seems that by Tuesday we will have a hospital bed and all the supplies we need to do the dressings. Mike's nurse, Renatta, will see we have any supplies that we need to make the job easier...she has great technique and was very helpful. Mike's wheelchair with the air cushion to prevent pressure problems and his walker will be loaded into my car for the trip home.

Kim (Mike's niece) has a table he can use to do his mobility exercises..that should be here soon as well. She is a Physical Therapist and will be asked for some help along the way.

I'm sure, now that Mike's feeling better, we can open the visiting. It still would be best to call if you're coming a long way because we don't know his OP schedule for office visits and rehab.

Gi Gi (Mike's Mom) will be home most of the time, but she plays bridge on Thursdays..if Bonnie Howard is still willing, her Thursday visits would be helpful.

We've updated his contact information for sending cards, making phone calls, arranging visits, etc.

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