21 April 2007: Sooooo nice, too short!

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Posted by: bonnieg
What a lovely day with Mike! I just wish it could have lasted longer. Sorry your phone call got bumped when I arrived Erin. I know we both had 180 degree grins on our faces when we saw each other. rin Mike seemed thrilled to finally be able to share some of what I've been going through when he got to rub my fuzzy, not quite bald head. Hmmmm, they say couples start to resemble each other as time goes by - well he's definitely ahead of me in the hair department for awhile! (I'm doing amazingly well so far through the chemo and feeling great. Mike and I will give new meaning to the word "Survivors".)

And we enjoyed the company (and stories) of Jim, Bonnie, Seth and Brittany. It really was a wonderful afternoon. Mike accompanied me to the cafeteria while I grabbed a bite, which we then took to the "lookout room" to enjoy the spectacular view. Before we knew it, it was Mike's dinnertime and Marsha arrived for his dressing change. I really, really didn't want to say goodbye! But I'm counting my blessings just knowing that he WILL be coming home.

Thank you Mike for the wonderful day. Sweet dreams.

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