22 April 2007: "Big Dude"

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Posted by: bonnieh
I'm sitting here on this beautiful sunny day thinking of Michael and this past week's Thursday therapy session. The therapy staff and other therapy patients refer to Mike as "Big Dude" !! I had forgotten about that and it tickled Sue and me.

Mike also had a near mishap this past Thursday (4/19) when he was walking with his walker, physical therapist by his side. He was down at the other end of the therapy room while Sue and I chatted, and I had turned away for a second. I suddenly heard one of the therapists yell "STOP!!" What had happened was that one of the gentleman patients in an electric wheelchair began to back up into the path Mike was taking with his walker; had he continued there would have been a collision, because the therapist had Mike walking right behind the wheelchair. There was a bit of a commotion, but Mike handled the whole thing with his usual aplomb. The gentleman kept asking if "Big Dude" was mad at him and Michael reassured him that he wasn't and that "everything's cool" !!

For the rest of the session I made sure I knew where the gentleman was because he seemed to be a little bit of a wild card in his chair and I hate pain. I think Mike had him in his sights continually also!!

The therapy room is always interesting !!

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ruthk wrote:

sounds like a trail name......
-- 23 April 2007 06:28:27
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