25 April 2007: The Harry Potter Debate

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Posted by: ruthie
As I'm sure most of you know, Dad is a pretty big Harry Potter fan, as are both his daughters. So much of our conversation during visits tends to gravitate to the speculation of what will or won't happen in the long awaited Book 7. Upon his request, here is a list of some interesting questions that will likely be answered in the 7th book.

These have been collected from several websites and are probably only 60% credible, but hopefully will spur some thoughtful speculation and debate anyway. I left out the obvious question of where does Snape's loyalty lie, as that was already discussed in a previous post. Feel free to add your own questions and theories!

1. What is the 6th Horcrux?
2. What is the importance of Harry having Lily's eyes? (Hint: He will not be able to find the horcruxes without them.)
3. Who will be the permenant DADA professor? (JKR said that someone from Harry's year will become a Hogwarts Professor...could it be one of Harry's classmates???)
4. Why was Lily given the choice to live by Voldemort when James was not?
5. What was James and Lily's profession?
6. Whose side was Peter Pettigrew really on?
7. How will Peter repay the "Life Debt" he owes to Harry?
8. What are the 12 uses of dragon's blood?
9. What really happened to Ollivander and Fortescue? What will their fate be?
10. What is the secret code Alice Longbottom uses to pass messages to her son? Is she really insane, or hiding in plain sight?
11. Can you actually permanently cure a warewolf (as implied by Professor Lockhart)? What could that mean for Lupin...or even Greyback?
12. How will Harry be able to defeat Voldemort (assuming he is not powerful enough to beat him straight out in a duel)?
13. Who is the heir of Gryffindor?
14. Where is the locket that was discovered in #12 Grimmaud Place?
15. Who else was inlove with Lily Potter?
16. Who else was at Goddric's Hollow the night Lily and James were killed?
17. Why did Dumbledore have James' invisibily cloak the night he was killed?
18. Where is Abberforth Dumbledore? Why was he being persecuted for performing illegal charms on goats?
19. JKR indicates that someone will "manage magic" at a late age...who?
20. What secret is Mundungus Fletcher keeping? (Hint: Harry will not be able to kill Voldemort without it...could it be the location of the locket?)
21. Did Snape kill Dumbledore on Voldemort's orders...or Dumbledore's?
22. Will the two-way mirrors make a come back? If so, how will they be used and by whom?
23. Who is R.A.B.(although I think everyone is in agreement that its Regulus Black)? Is he really dead?

I'll add more as I can! Happy move-out day Dad!!! oothy-grin I hope the transition goes smoothly!

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noel wrote:

hi mr mike glad you are home at gramma haaser's!!!......hope you are comfy and happy there, but then again anywhere is better thatn the hospital even if it was a great one like metro....all these questions make my head spin. so here are my thoughts for book 7: i think that dumbledore and snape had some sort of unbreakable vow to protect harry.....mundugus will no doubt turn up with a horcrux, one of which i suspect may be found in his parents old hometown (it is indeed strange he has not been there yet).....and if harry is not the next freakin DADA teacher then i'll eat my british copy of book 4 (yes i am that much of a HP nerd that i have the us and uk versions of each) when i did my careful re-read of all five after reading 6 to find if there was a horcrux hidden in each book (7 books=7 horcruxes, right?), i think that the griffindor sword could somehow be one from book 1, but i'm not sure how. and somehow i feel like neville is going to end up as some sort of martyr/hero. and you can't tell me that peter pettigrew isn't going to somehow screw things up for big V by being beholden to harry for his life. nothing you probably haven't thought of, but there's my two cents.

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-- 26 April 2007 16:23:29

erin wrote:

I just re-read book 1, and have notes I'll post later, BUT:

I don't think Gryffindor's sword can be a Horcrux-- I seem to recall D saying he claimed it before V could get his paws on it.

book 1 can't have one, there aren't enough items of note.. the closest in the mirror of Erised, and we know all about that.

book 2 had the journal, which we know was a horcrux, and which was destroyed..

more later..
-- 29 April 2007 13:39:17

erin wrote:

OH, and I think Mundungus has the locket.. since that was in the cabinet in Grimmaule place. And of course Regulus Black is RAB.. wonder if he was one of those people that was hidden...
-- 29 April 2007 13:41:22

ruthie wrote:

Well, we do know that the Mirror of Erised will appear in book 7, we just don't know to what capacity, but I seriously doubt it will be to Voldemort's advantage.

Also, I have a theory that Snape was actually inlove with Lily, thus furthering his hatred for James and subsequently Harry, since he looks and acts a lot like James. I also think Snape was acting as a double agent before the Potters were killed (perhaps he was the one who had James' invisibility cloak, since he knew that Harry had one). But, when Voldemort killed Lily, that sealed his desire to see Voldemort finished, thus explaining Dumbledore's insistance that Snape is to be trusted (at least where the downfall of Lord Voldemert is concerned). Dumbledore understands how powerful love is and would also know how deeply Snape felt about Lily.
-- 30 April 2007 08:54:09

erin wrote:

oooooh. I like that theory.
-- 30 April 2007 10:19:26

bonnie howard wrote:

I had wondered the same thing about Snape having feelings for Lily. Wasn't there a scene in one of the books where a young Lily, James and some of their friends were sitting under a tree and James provoked Snape as he walked by? Maybe it was a memory of them at Hogwarts and Lily admonished James for picking on Snape? Or am I just doing what I do more and more as I get older and making things up? (or as I prefer to call it, having a creative memory?). Imagine the tug of war that might be going on inside Snape.....he loved Lily, hated James, and now here's Harry. Harry is the key to defeating V. but Harry reminds Snape of his rival James, although also is the son of the woman Snape loved.... Could explain why Snape is such a bitter, conflicted man and why it is so hard to decide: SNAPE.....friend or foe?
-- 30 April 2007 11:31:16

Jim Howard wrote:

-- 15 June 2007 14:03:56

ruthie wrote:

LOL!!! I think you nailed it Jim!!
-- 15 June 2007 15:15:39
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