26 April 2007: The Tunnel Just Got A Little Shorter...

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Posted by: ruthie
Its official! Dad has achieved "outpatient" status!! I spoke to him on the phone very briefly. He is nice a settled at his mom's house in Valley View. He had his first dressing change with his two sisters Phyllis and Marsha that went quite smoothly. His brother Jim and nephew Judd (along with his mother, of course) were all part of his welcoming committee. His wheelchair is too big and cumbersome to use indoors so he is using a walker to get around in the house and doing quite well with it. Marsha, Phyllis and/or Connie will be his bandage team for the next 6 days or so and then its back to visit with Dr.McDonald and Tammy to get a touch up an hopefully a dryer bandage.

Horray for home cooking!!! Amazing progress Mikey!

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