11 July 2007: "Gimp Fixes"

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Posted by: erin
From Dad: "The attached pics are the gimp fixes I did to the condo."

1 & 2 are the carpeted ramp from the garage to the utility room (most common used path of egress). Marsha and Joel sawed the plywood to my measurements and Marsha stapled the carpet and it fit perfect without field modifications.

entryway into the house from the garage
Custom plywood mini ramp

3 is the shower grab bar.

Shower grab bar

4 is the toilet lift assist.

Toilet lift assist

5 is toilet grab bar.

toilet grab bar
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Maria wrote:

HI Mike-

Now that summer is here it still doesn't seem complete until we see you at the lake! We continue to watch your progress and I must admit mental healing is as much a part of good health as physical healing. We are so proud of you and I am sure there are days that are longer than others but your attitude will being you through the hurdles. Thank you to you and both of the girls for sharing your journey with us. It is awesome to be able to follow you on this road!
-- 16 July 2007 21:26:25

Joe Fedorka wrote:

Hey Mike,
Been thinking about you as I read the blog. Nice pantyhose!! Happy to hear that you are back to work. Good also to know that Bonnie is doing well. Talk soon and see you for HaaserPalooza. Pat is going to fly in for that weekend.
-- 19 July 2007 00:49:22

ruthk wrote:

Where are all the Harry Potter comments/critiques..????
Nobody's seen the movie..???
Nobody's read the book...???
-- 21 July 2007 19:22:56

ruthk wrote:

I've been thinking about you both a lot lately.....and the every day living...
I'm picturing the Vermont part of the trail now... Hope it's not as bad as all that..?!
lookin' forward to Hatteras
-- 21 July 2007 20:06:01

Marsha wrote:

Just for the record, the plywood ramp was sawed by Ruthie and Marsha..Joel was not at home at the mment we decided to do that and do we Haaser's ever exercise patience??
-- 23 July 2007 15:14:25
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