26 July 2007: 198.5 - and counting

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Posted by: mike
Some more firsts:
-Thursday 26th - Did 3 laps (about a mile) around the lake (the condo's puddle with fountain) with my forearm (polio) crutches. I tried that two weeks earlier and didn't get 500 ft.
-Sunday 22nd - Bonnie and I saw Potter #5. The wheel chair was a piece of cake. The newer theaters are very handicap friendly.
-Tuesday 24th - Drove to GiGi?s (after an eye exam) for my "Overload" session in Beachwood. Took a stand-up shower without a shower chair (the shower does have permanent hand rails. Thanks again Judd).
-Wednesday 25th - (PT session @ Metro) Joyce thinks I'm ready for a prosthesis, but needs that confirmed by a physiologist. She also said, if I don't get medically transferred to Drake, we should go ahead and set-up an appointment with Dr. Kelly at Metro to get thing rolling. I would still be using the local prosthetist from Hanger. I also got exposed to a new prosthesis, the Rheo System by Ossur out of Iceland. It's being used a lot by military amputees and claims features that might make it a more versatile fit to my goals than the C-Leg.
-Thursday 26th - Ba-da-bing ba-da-boom, finally broke under that seemingly impenetrable 200 lb barrier. Got up this morning and weighed in at 198.5. 18.5 lbs to go.

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ruthie wrote:

Horray DAD!!!!!! Way to go with the polio crutches too....3 laps?!?
-- 26 July 2007 12:54:44

noel wrote:

awesome job, mr mike....so where can i find an overload? is it a ntational chain? i googled them and did not find anything about them....
-- 26 July 2007 14:32:04

erin wrote:


Speaking of military prosthetics, check out the first picture from today's slideshow (reuter's):

The caption:
U.S. President George W. Bush (C) walks with U.S. Army Sgt. Neil Duncan (L) and U.S. Army Specialist Max Ramsey after jogging at the White House in Washington July 25, 2007. Duncan lost both legs in Afghanistan in December 2005 and Ramsey lost his left leg in Iraq in March 2006. (UNITED STATES)

It's a good picture. ink
-- 26 July 2007 19:53:28
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