01 August 2007: AND SO IT BEGINS!

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Posted by: mike
Did my routine run to Valley View. Overload at 5:30 pm on Tuesday and PT at 8:00 am on Wednesday with an overnight at GiGi's. Mom and I were on our own (no Marsh - how strange).

Joyce arranged an examination by physiologist Dr. Kelly that will co-inside with a Hanger prosthetic clinic next Wednesday after PT. "And Thus It Begins". The Cleve Metro team will kick things off, while waiting for the medical stuff to transfer south.

The clinic is reported to be very informative and an important first step in the prosthetic selection process. More so because Ruth K and I are starting to say (out-loud) that we want do a significant chunk (1000+ mile I hope) of the AT again in 2009. Once the knee/leg/foot is selected, I will be committed to it for a long, long, long, long, long time. So no pressure not to screw this one up.

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maria wrote:

Hi Mike,

Great news about the AP. Wow! You should be featured on National Geographic! rin You look great! We sure do miss you! John Claude, Annie and the kids' came by last week and visited for awhile. We had predicted the AP word would come up soon. You are a true inspiration!!!
-- 02 August 2007 18:42:25

marsha wrote:

Just back from Myrtle Beach with Joel and Becky and the girls. Glad to hear ans see the forward progress. It was nice to be missed! Great job--Love, Marsha
-- 03 August 2007 20:10:59

mike wrote:

Hi Maria and all the Hess Lake folks,

Good to hear from you. Missed the 4th of july visit - just too many obsticles. Hoping to visit Hess sometime in September no firm plans yet let you all know. I really missed my Hess home this summer. I still don't know what normal will be like when it finally gets here, but Hess Lake will be part of it.
-- 05 August 2007 22:16:40

noel wrote:

holy cow, is it time for a new leg already? that is fantastic. congrats!
-- 07 August 2007 16:06:34

bonnie howard wrote:

I saw my first ever Overload commercial on TV today.
New leg....WOW!!
Will you and Bonnie be ready to dance at Seth & Britt's wedding on Dec 22nd....??
-- 07 August 2007 21:09:30
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