08 August 2007: I think they got the message!

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Posted by: marsha
Are we there yet?

I went with Mike to PT this a.m. and his therapist is super-pleased with his progress and said as far as she is concerned the stump is ready to begin the steps toward getting his posthesis. That alone was great news....but it gets more exciting---

Dr. Kelly's appointment (he's the amputee Dr. Physiatrist) was this a.m. as well. He along with members of his amputee clinic team examined, interrogated and finally decided that indeed Mike is ready for the process to begin. However, we do have to wait for Dr. McDonald,s green light. As measured by the "wow" as Mike demonstrated the great range of motion and strength in his stump, it was evident that physically he's ready to go! I believe the Doctor is a little concerned that Mike might let his impatience, not the prosthetist, guage his readiness to walk. Mike assured him that the prosthetist already picked up on that and has threatened to hold his leg hostage if he sees Mike is moving ahead of his training schedule. The goal is to learn the walking on the correct leg (C- leg seems to be winning); the correct way ---the first time. No bad habits allowed.... He's looking forward to Haaserpalooza!!

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