08 August 2007: Sounds like a bunch of Bowl crap

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Posted by: mike
Put a little twist in my routine run to Valley View this week. Before heading to my mom's, Mat Clark (Deerfield engineer) and I went to the bowling alley to see if Mike Noel's (Deerfield fabricator) modification to my walker will allow me to bowl this year. The walker worked fine but my release technique needs a lot of help. I rolled a whopping 64 and 59, less than half last season's average.

The PT at 8:00 am was pretty typical accept "St. Marsh" came with me. See Marsha's blog entry below for what happened next. I would like to add: Dr. Kelly is recommending two knee/leg prosthetics. One for every day use and an off road version with ankle articulation for athletic use (hiking/skiing etc). More on this after a little more research.

P.S. There are still a lot of people following this (based on the hit rate), so leave a little message in the guest book and let us know who you are.

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