04 September 2007: Everyone should take a week off!

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Posted by: marsha
This is Mike's first trip to Valley View after Hateras. He looks rested and yes, it's true, a few pounds heavier. Jennifer and Tyler came to join us for dinner...a pleasant surprise and the kids here always like more kids to play with. If you recall from past entries, we are nearing the phase of Mike's recovery where he will be transitioning to his Physiatrist in Cincinnati. A little scary, but I believe he has not deviated at all from his goal to secure his care from members of "The Good Doctor Club". You will be hearing more about this when the switch occurs. Phyllis and I will be heading to Texas for some R+R at the end of September---thanks to Mike's generosity. By then, it appears that he will be well on his way to getting his leg....then it's all about mastering the mechanics. I am already starting to miss him!

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Lesley Wernsdorfer wrote:

Texas! Anywhere near Austin?
-- 05 September 2007 00:13:47
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