13 September 2007: Farewell Cleveland Metro

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Posted by: mike
Yes today is may 60th birthday and I'm really glad to be here. Made my last Tuesday/Wednesday Overload workout/Metro PT run to Cleveland this week.

Mark (Overload trainer) put me thru another great workout. Got on a few pieces of equipment I hadn't done before. My next workout at the Beachwood branch will be to film the "Good Company" show (local morning TV spot) sometime in next few weeks. Hope I get Mark for the live broadcast. Next week and beyond I'll be doing the Overload workouts with Adam in Columbus. That's still a 1 1/2 hour drive each way but well worth the trouble.

The last exam by Dr. Kelly (Metro physiatrist) followed PT this week and I was declared to be in perfect health except for a missing 20 lb chunk of leg.

Wednesday was also Dr. Kelly's last day at Metro (the V.A. is getting a good guy). So there were plenty of hugs, handshakes and moist eyes, as Joyce, Dr. Kelly, the rest of the rehab/Hanger team and I said good bye. They really are a fine group and will be missed.

Monday I meet Dr. Nobunago and we start laylng out the prosthetic program. As this blog is starting to get a little boring (not the "close to death" good read it used to be) it's just starting get exciting for me. I got to hold a C-Leg in hands and flex it while at Hanger Monday. Pat (prosthetist) took the prelinary measurements and the rather extinsive intended use servey which will be tranlated into the perscription for my proyhetic knee, leg, foot and accesseries. He said I might be walking as early as the third week in October. That still seems like a long way off but "Walking - WOW".

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bonniehoward wrote:

Happy (belated) birthday, Mike!! Jim and I are both glad you're here, too. Let us know when you are going to become famous on Good Company and we'll be sure to tape/watch it. Wow, you'll be walking soon....exciting times ahead!!!!
-- 14 September 2007 20:36:36

Meg Miller wrote:

Happy belated birthday! I am still following along, but not as often. You are moving so fast. Congratulations on the new leg. Don't forget to take pictures, remember a picture is like a 1000 words. I think that's what they say.
You go Mike!!

-- 18 September 2007 10:15:42

noel wrote:

happy birthday, i guess you officially an old fart now! (ha ha) congrats on 'graduating' from metro, i cannot wait to see how it goes in the coming months with the prosthetic trials, how fascinating is that going to be? i don't think your blog is boring--although blood, guts, gore and poop of your past is really overrated, i think the science and technology to come will be FAR more intruiging!
-- 23 September 2007 13:30:53
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