18 July 2008: Involuntary controlled descent - NOT!

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Posted by: bonnieg
Mike and I started out about a half hour ago for a short stroll around the pond. It was unexpectedly cut even shorter by an "involuntary controlled descent" - poo! It was a FALL! Followed by a 2nd FALL! The C-leg refused to come to a supportive position and would not hold Mike up. He sat down on a bench while I ran home for the car and his crutches and went back to pick him up. Mike's fine, still chuckling and I'm regaining my composure. He plugged it back in for a moment when we got home and it reset itself. Definitely some questions for Hanger on Monday. Enough excitement for one day, thankyewverymuch!

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mike wrote:

If I trip or loose my ballance and "decide not to save it" but "control" the "involuntary descent"; Emily calls it an "involentary controled descent". A fall at PT has to be accompanied by a ton of paper work. Today we skipped "decide not to save it" and went dirrectly to damage control. Thanks to good genetic instincts and "Overload" upper body strength, I got off without a scratch. When I plugged in the leg (that was stuck in free swing) it reset and worked fine. I was experimenting with the mode settings and the battery was on the low side. Neither alone would cause the knee got stuck in the free swing state (but combined - ???).
-- 18 July 2008 20:43:31
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